I'm happy to say tonight that we've got a few new names for the news staff as well as a promotion in the news ranks...

I've promoted a long-standing member "Count Bishula" to her first moderation job as a moderator of both the Open and Tech News sections. This isn't just a first for her, but it's also a first for us with having a female (other than my wife) being a moderator!

For the new news staff we have carefully browsed the application system for active members and only 2 applicants have been chosen. These applicants have been chosen based on how active they've been (both lately and as a whole) and how much time they'd be able to dedicate towards the job requirements.

I'd like you all to welcome EndGame and shadow516 to the team. They're both added as "temps" until they have proven themselves to be able to fulfill the requirements of the position.

A news admin's responsibility is to post 8-10 news articles per week into the Tech News sections, we have a large list of news sites available and this should be a cinch for anyone to do. These users have immediate access to the VIP forum as well, after they've proven capable of doing their job's they will be given access to the staffing forum as well as Auto-Voice of the staff channel on the IRC (should they have registered nicknames at that time).
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