Uh, here's an idea.


America would be far less fucked up if parents spent some time with their kids, rather than sitting them in front of a tv all day.

Better yet, let them go outside and play war! No, they're not going to grow up accustomed to violence. For years, boys have fought with each other when they were little, and we didn't have any problems with school shootings until people started babying the pussies, telling them it's not their fault.

If you're little and get your ass kicked, you know you either gotta stop doin whatever you did to piss the guy off, or you go kick his ass. It's how we learn, and it produces decent people that understand the consequences of ass kicking.

Man, that went on a tad bit further than I expected. Well, a lot further, like the entire last two paragraphs. Not including this one.