Images do NOT have to be UGN Security related.
Images do NOT have to be made in photoshop.
Images MUST be your own creation.
Images MUST be proper for all ages.
If you post a fark of someone you're giving everyone the right to fark you.
If you don't like a fark of you please request the member who posted it to remove it, otherwise consult a moderator.
Leave families and family members out of it, their not to be used as amunition, I will ban users from the BBS for violating this.

A fark is a photo that has be doctered to meet a specific plan. An example would be placing someones head on someones body, or modifying various things in an image.

Posts must be acceptable to all mod's, gm's, and admin's. We reserve the right to remove ANY post at ANY time for ANY reason.
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