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I just got an ATI All in Wonder 9600 from NewEgg for like $99; bought the Zalman heatpipe from NewEgg as well; I expect it to be a nice combination...

My next PC i'm unsure what video card i'm going to go with, but I know it'll at least be the ATI 9800 with a zalman heatpipe as well (though it'll have to use the extra zalman cooler but I buy that anyway).
Grab a 6600GT, I picked one up a month ago and I couldn't be happier.

It's quite a bit more powerful than a 9800 XT, overclocks like a champ, and is cheaper than a 9800 pro.

It's a next gen card that isn't too expencive, and is more loaded with featuers than anything ATI has on the market (pixel shader 3.0, 16x aa, etc)
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