Well I decided I wanted to have a video as my desktop, and found a simple trick in windows that does it.

All you have to do is set this as your desktop:

then open up a media player (I used VLC, but any will do), start playing your video/movie, or make a playlist of things to be played, set your media player into full-screen mode, then ctrl+alt+del into Task Manager, minimize your media player, and voila, you have video as your desktop.
So far, I've discovered this is great for:
  • Having music videos as your desktop
  • Having hardcore pornography as your desktop
  • Having faggy anime music videos as your desktop

I was actually pretty surprised at how well this works, I was expecting the video to get messed up around the icons, or have the computer slow down when having crap open on the desktop, or problems with dragging windows on the desktop, I have to say that this is completely glitch free and hasn't effected system performance in any way.
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