i think those are great. but if i were gonna build one. i'd definately make sure i had a good TV. i'm sure you're spending a lot on the system already. why not splurge, if you can afford it, and the space, and get like a nice DLP projection screen. imo, i'd probably up the gaming too. something like, half media center, half gaming center. i know you can use xbox and stuff. but how cool would half-life2 or doom3 be on a nice big screen tv? maybe that's just me. but it seems that a lot of what you have listed, seems mostly basic (except the touch screen and stuff). so if you're gonna make it yourself, you should definately add something more...like your xbox front end pc back end idea. just my two cents. as for pvr software...i've never actually looked into that. but i might soon for my new pc. i'll let you know.//
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