hi again guys, well i corrected the sizes of my designs so here they go all in one. Hope you guys will like em, i was planing to make much more designs and so on, i've got some ideas in my head, but about 2 hours ago i realized that today my internet dial up account expires lol. So i hurried up to correct these ones and post them before it expires so when i get internet again i'll make some new stuff. I won't be without internet, i've got internet at my academy and school but i wont have internet hope for couple of days, anyway leave that shit.. here are they:

All my work so far...

UGN Security banner

UGN Security banner 2

UnderGroundNews banner (Modification of the original banner posted by BackSlash)

UGN Security button

HostNuke Hosting Services banner

VNC Web Design banner

that's all folks. Have a nice day.

See ya'll

+^Born Intelligence