Originally posted by weeve:
heh um wrong, it's not a mutant snowman plot, it's a ugn plot, SR has found a non genetical way to mesh human, and snow dna. Armies of liquid to solid to gas warriors will be filling in your places soon. They look just like you, accept that they melt. Kinda like body snatchers their liquid can seep into you. Lest you forget were a major part h20, hence the binding of genes physically is easy, except the frostbite...just as their genetically superior dna will strangle your like a chicken, boom your aunts your uncle all your base are belong to frank, and Sr's spawn. Btw, h20 on a molecular level spawns like liquid dna, so in short, they had billions of kids in one sitting, all drops of water. sitting in a bottled water contain that will soon be empty:/ *breathes* good thing most of ugn's staff has already been taken;/ it won't matter if you know this either, if you've seen invasion of the body snatchers, any year. Your all gone. We are the new begining, the revolution to your end. The retro virus to your viral state. Bye Bye, see you...never.
I Think you know to much, as they have taken me over. And now their coming for you weeve.
You have to be a little crazy to keep from going insane!