Too late, To puter ignorant people a hacker is a cracker, hacker, script kiddie, and worst of all is they know things about thier computer the idiots do not.

Computer ignorance is so evident in any hacker/computer movie you see. Take hackers for example. It reminds me of Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory the way it is so far fetched. Like when they are hacking the code and the computer dissplays this 3D VR type formula. Or Swordfish, little better, but.... Come on. After the guy hacks into the DOJ D-base John Travolta droped about ten buuzz terms asking him how he did it.

trojan, back door, worm,

People in general are stupid. They belive what you tell them. That is all they have to go off. So the media call every person who commits a computer/network crime a hacker. The term is re-defined in society as a result. Sad I know.

Now what on could do is creat all the free sites they could with a break down of whats what, Flood search engines with this sort of thing. Spam large numbers of people from email's that do not exist through some SMTP server(most would never kno how to trak it(Most who did never would(even less would report it if they did(Who ever recived the report might not act))))

Her is the news formula..
if($popular_word_or_phrase == 'true'){
     while($popular_word = REMAINS Popular){
         echo "$popular_word_or_phrase";
}else if($popular_word_or_phrase == 'false'){
    While(Sensationalise($popular_word_or_phrase, $fear, ignorance) + MAKE_MONEY() != $Big_money){
          echo "$key_word_not_understood";
     if ($fear == 'true'){
          $popular_word_or_phrase = 'true';
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