So where are the motherfuckers that hate America so vehemently?

Come on out, tell us how we deserve it and you're happy those people are dead.

I hear to much anti-American sentiment on this board, but when things like this happen, none of you seem to want to hate America.

Fucking cowards.

I love America. I really do, and yes I bitch all the time about it. When you give up 4 years of your life to defend it you can tell me to shut up. When you spend Xmas in a fucking snow bank, or thanksgiving in Nicaragua on some mission you can tell me I have no right to bitch about the government I have served.

When you get up at 06:00 every morning and salute a flag as it is raised up the pole, rain or shine. You will then have the right to tell me not to bitch. The moment you are willing to loose your life to protect someone elese right to bitch, you can call me a coward. Until that day,

(Scallion I like you, I really do but it is this freedom that makes America great. Tell people they do not have it and it truly dose suck and all hope is lost. It is that bitching that has caused some of our greatest changes and inspired freedom to prevail over opression.)

You shut the fuck up if you are trying to silence anyone. I was knee deep in Korean mud when some of you were nut stains. I hate to see a soldier used a political tool. It is bound to happen. As far as the astronauts. I don't care. billions more dollars to start polluting new areas. Space station No one I knows will ever see. Mars, yea right.

They were smart, Yea, I am sure they were. But if this was 6 collage professors in a private jet you would not still be hearing about it. Ohhhh lots of government people moving. NEWS NEWSNEWS

And they do not care about the people. It is coming down to money, How much money just blew up. How can we not lose that much money again.

If the lived how would your life have improved?
None! Ignorant you say? How many space missions have helped anyone on earth? How much money has gone into it?

I mean you guys don't think the concept of flying cars will ever work, and you get all happy about the space program. What do you ever think will come out of it? As far a war... There needs to be one. A big one. I hate to think about it but the world is over populated. Some people need to not re-produce.

Our as in humans, process of elimination is war. That and sexual harassment suits. Bio war, nuclear war, chemical war. all will help lift the world burden. How many places can you go where there are no people?

Some need to die, unless you are looking to space for a safe haven off of earth. lol

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