Well I think it is an area we are not currently ready for. I mean we can completly answer where we came from, now we are about to mass produce more of us. There are also moral question that I would want answered. Dose a clone have the same human rights as you and I?

I mean what is to stop someone from cloning their own batch of slaves? Little genetic altering and they are mindless followers... Add to that imagine life for these clones to be borm. Poked and proded their whole life. Yet they have human feelings and dreams same as you and I. Their whole life will be an lab test.

If something gose wrong that is very crule. I find the whole thing dissgusting and very morbid. The fact this is being done is scary. What is to stop a stalker from cloning his prey? Or imagine some wacko with money clones Hitler, or Christ. Scary I tell you.