it is immoral. devalues life itself, as if we haven't done enough of that. also, I think there rights will be violated. I know we banned human cloning, but that is to save face. we are doing it. why, i believe for war purposed. this is a hitlerish idea in itself. I don't believe we are close to mass cloning, but I believe it to be a very slippery slope.

also, the next large war is going to be over food or bush's greed. but eventually food, b/c we are growing at too large of a rate. i mean look what it has come to in china. it will be that way everywhere, so the last thing we need is for creation of more ppl in an unnatural way.

of course, I am against fertility pills also, i believe those ppl cannot reproduce for a reason, and then they take pills and are having 3+ kids.

i also, and i know this sounds crazy, but think that clones would be a different "race" and we do not understand enough about the creation of life and/or the technology we are developing as such rapid pace. that combined with our current devolution, will mean the human race itself will probably be knocked off the top of food chain if we don't watch it.