My two cents for what they are worth...

From what I have read and seen on this, most likely spoon fed propoganda LOL, they want to say it's immoral and bad and would be taken advantage of but... it would be so great for the human population as a whole.

If it provided technology to take a sample of my DNA and then grow a heart for me if I needed one, then I would support it. I would guess the rejection issue would be less since it actually was "original equipment", among other things that are beyond my education.

If it was the issue of cloning myself and carrying a fetus to term and then cutting out the heart and giving it to me... in my opinion, that is murder. To me it would be the same as taking an organ from one of my kids and letting them die so I could live. Or, on a broader scale, taking a compatable organ from anyone else that is alive. (I am personally for organ donation from the saving a life standpoint but not the people who make a bunch of money off of it).

There are many things that on the periphery of the main issue that have equal to or greater impact such as "if we modify the DNA so a brain never develops, it is simply a grown organ" which I also believe is murder. Our current law states the willing act of taking a life by act or omission is murder (not the letter of course... loosely quoted). Acting to modify DNA so they are born brain dead is just as much murder shooting someone in the head with a .44 to cause brain death.

I'm all for science and have nothing against cloning (and DNA modifying) if you are increasing food supplies by making a better cow or oranger oranges... I just don't think we as a race can handle the responsibility of playing God to that extent... or maybe playing God at all now that I think about it.

JMHO... thanks.
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