I agree with a few of those opinions there hex...

For one, we're a curious race, we'll take anything said and have to test it, for instance Anthrax lol...

Clones would be humans, the first ones at least, theid be everything of you and I, same feelings, same needs.

Think of it like this though, they take a DNA strand from both couples of a marrage which neither can have children, they cut half the DNA from one with half from another, its a baby, its the same as a sperm and an egg in essance, would it have a soul though isn't my problem .

I believe that taking an organ from someone who needs it to survive is murder, hell I think abortion is murder, but thats just me.

Science is a series of testing, thats all they really do, every so often their right. Eventually theil work on fruit and shit, which they have, but they went the human path to prove we could do it, when we fuck it up hopefully it'll stop, all else fails, try try again.
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