"if we modify the DNA so a brain never develops, it is simply a grown organ"

This I found to be an interesting quote. Here's my take on things. First I want to emphasis that I also believe abortion is murder, so don't think I have no respect for a human life - cloned or otherwise.

Let's start small. It is ok to regrow tissue right? Say a doctor was able to give us a pill and we suddenly regrow a finger that has been cut off. Morally sound yes? No problem.

Ok, let's try a little bigger. We still have a cut off finger, and a doctor was able to take a piece of our tissue, DNA whatever they required - and grow a new finger for us. Then they reattach it and all is good no? Yeah, no different from before. Just regrowing some tissue.

Ok, so maybe we lost a bit more of our body than a finger. He lost our legs to a big burly axe-man who watched a few too many horror movies. It would be nice if the doctor could give us a pill again, but no, instead they are able to regrow our legs in a test tube. They made sure to manipulate the genetic material so that only the lower torso was grown - nothing above the waist. Then they reattach my legs. Just a bit of ole tissue reconstruction right? Aaaaaaah, people are starting to object.

Without a brain people, a body has no soul. It has no concept of right or wrong or thought or feeling - it is just a big living carbonic mass. That pair of legs don't deserve rights. They don't care - it's just legs. No more do our new finger in a glass deserve human rights. I wouldn't call it cloning. To clone somebody is to create a duplicate person. A new breathing thinking human being. Instead, I call it tissue regeneration/reconstruction.

However if it has a functional brain - I don't care of they're a vegetable - they deserve rights. We cannot properly discern what a soul requires, so we shouldn't try. If there's a brain, it is assumed they have a soul and therefor deserve rights.

I am against human cloning. There's no purpose as Jon very well pointed out. But I am for organ cloning.
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