My opinion, is that no matter what we do or think, human clones will be made, either by the goverment or either by private research companies that receive fundings from rich people who think that by cloning and by using this technology, in the end they will be able to live longer.

I see human cloning as the ultimate doom of our race. They will be a new race. The first ones will probably be just like ordinary humans, but then enhanced clones will eventualy be made, that will have certain functions and perform better than the human race in any given situation. It is the human nature to explore and to see what can they get by combining the latest technologies.

We have laws that ban cloning humans, but we don't have any laws regarding how would a 'clone' be treated like. What will they learn ? What are we going to teach them ? The real danger is that no one will spend time teaching a clone morality, apreciating beauty, understanding love or other things. No one will spend time teaching it all that we are thought when we are little kids. Without this things, they will have no morality, they will have no feelings.

Unlike a computer, that can't actually learn by itself, a human clone will be able to do this, to get smarter all by herslef, and learn what they want. Just think what will happen when you enhance a clone with the speed and the storage space provided by the computers.

In the end in our own ignorance, we will create something without any feelings, with access to the latest technologies, with the power to learn, develop, create other clones, and way better than any other human. And in the end our own ignorance will destroy us.

Am I paranoyed ? Perhpas, but it's better this way.