I think that guy is probably lying. If he isn't though - If i were the kid that was born from it, i would be really fucking pissed and I think I would end up murdering alot of people out of rage and because I wouldn't have much value for life since I was "made" and not concieved.

I think a clone should be considered a real person. I am not sure about religion, but I think a clone would have a soul, a separate soul than the one it was copied from. Any human, designed or not, should be considered human and to have a soul.

I think it should be legal to grow single organs only, a new perfect heart or lung. The brain is a tough one.

I have heard it is safer to modify human dna and make clones and things because we are more familiar with human dna and our bodies than any other animal. I don't know if this is true.

I am against this. I am completely against "creating" a person or any animal really unnaturally. If you could give the person a choice to be born that way, then maybe it would be ok. But you can't.

Issues like this aren't definate, you can have a black and white but in the middle there is way to much gray to deal with. I am also against abortion. Even if i'm not sure about the existence of God, I think playing God is wrong.