"She also said a second cloned baby is due to be born next week to a lesbian couple in northern Europe."

This Clonaid company is sure opening up a can of worms there. First off, they're doing the clone thing which is going to have a lot of people against them, and now they're advocating a form of gay "adoption." Personally, I don't really have any strong opinions on the matter, but almost everybody I know thinks that is wrong.
Now, on human cloning. I would have had nothing against it, if it was done in a couple decades from now, when we were more secure in our understanding of the process. The first clone was what? 6 years ago? that's all? Also, we're already going to have problems with overpopulation, we don't need more people, we need less people. I heard China has put restricitons on how many children a family is allowed to have which seems like a good idea to me. Is that true?
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