embarrassing is-
$250 -for original crappy computer that i got some of the parts from.
$150 - new video card
$700 -for new case, motherboard, processor, hard drive, RAM
$90 -DELL monitor
$145 -22" NEC monitor
$90 - another stick of RAM
$50 - video capture card (forgot to mention)
$30 - 5.1 surround sound card
=$1270 big ones

also, the 22" is sweet, its kinda fuzzy, but i like to run it at 1800X1440 and the 17" at 1600X1200. i got my 22" used from a local shop who was having a sale. it kinda makes games look crappy at 800X600, but as long as you can pump it higher, its glorious.
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