Compaq Presario
14" widescreen TFT
64 bit AMD Turion 1.6ghz
512 DDR400
60 gig HDD
3 1/2 floppy
DVD burner
Radeon ATI PCI express 128MB graphics
$879.99 -tax

and i got an N-charge batt pack for it, says add 5-10 hours but lasted about 1-1.5 hours playing battlefeild 2.

self built
17" CRT
AMD AthlonXP 2800+ 32 bit
512mb DDR400 RAM
500mhz FSB
123gig PC3200 HDD
DVD Burner
CD Writer (seperate from DVD) - plays cd's from drive, not in windows, so uses no system resources
ATI Radeon 256mb 9200SE sapphire atlantis
650watt PSU with 3 fans
Trust 2:1 speaker set with sub woofer, not great... but at least i dont crap myself when playing Doom 3.

some double fanned graphics card cooler i got of friend, also copper cooler on mem stick
Black Case with Blue Neons/Xenons/Cold cathodes around hull, 120 mm fan on back, 2 40mm fans on front, 60mm on side panel (all with blue led's) and artic cpu fan.
Assuming 0 is an invalid socket handle value.
Uncontrollably lame.