list is kinda long....

Lian-Li w/ Prometeia Mach II Phase change cooling
AMD x2 4600+
eVGA 7800gt Pci-e gpu
Magnum fanless modular PSU w/ lcd display
1gb Mushkin Blue-line DDR400
ASUS A8n-SLI-Premium Mobo
Dell 2004fpw 20" widescreen monitor
1x 74gb raptor hdd
2x 250gb wd hdd's
saitek gamers keyboard
Logitech mx1000
NEC dvd-rw

I think that's about it :-\

oh yeah, and a 12" iBook g4

looks kinda funky because a: it doesn't fit, and b: the faceplate isn't on it

it's wierd having a fanless PSU that pumps out that much power and stays cool...

dual core roxors...especially at -30*c