What if you install a becon device in each car? When aproaching a flying object in a collision path it alerts you the best possible route where a flying car is not?

It looks like these things can hover, If that is true I am sure it can be riged to kinda stop easily by angling the engines at an angle to maintain altitude and work against the direction you were headed.

Think outside that box people. With the ability to network electronicaly like we can now, much of these problems can be fixed.

Maybe set up a sky car to automaticaly take one of 4 routes set by priority in even of possible acident.

1.) up is priority 1
2.) Right is 2nd priority
3.) Down is 3rd priority
4.) if clear left is 4th priority.

Car's computer looks for becons and approching speads and picks best route to avoid collision. I doubt it would even be that hard to do in a flying car like this.

A stinger missle make something like 15,000 adjustments and calculations per second on it course to hit it's target. They were developed in what the 70's? early 80's?

How hard would this be?
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