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Technically I have most of the qualifications to fly an F-16. My qualifications are "Private Pilot: Airplane Single Engine Land," which is precisely what an F-16 is. However, one would most likely need a type rating in that airplane.
Yep, like a millitary office for one. and know how to opertare all the radios and load the crytographic info so our boys know your freindly and not enemy, (IFF codes). And have attended a few millitary piolet schools. And pass physical stamia tests to be sure you can stand the g-forces.

I have no doubt you can do all that. Honestly. But it requires a bit more that a piolet license and some extra ratings.

The officer alone is about 6 years off your life.

4 in collages, 1 in OCS(office canidate school)actualy it is 3 months but waiting for the school slot, getting gear, a kinda basic training etc etc. Airborne school for any piolet. Tons of classes and breifings on the F-16 before you ever touch the thing. You would be one busy boy to get there.

Not saying you are not. Just you are not on the right track to sit behind that stick.
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