Wouldn't planes only be in the Plaar Zone when they are landing or in an emergency? At places like airports and whatnot, there would be a plaarking lot away from the airport, then shuttles or maglevs to the airport. If there is an emergency, a plane needing to land in a field or something but plaars in the way, the pilot doesn't have to worry about the plaars, he should do what they would normally do. The plaar drivers on the other hand would be alerted (ahead of time) by their on-board oh-shit-ographer that a plane is coming and they would get out of the way as they were required to know how to do to get their plaar license.

Drake- the eject thing sounds good at first. Then in the next moment I realize there are more the likely going to be plaars all around you, not to mention the few people that still on the ground (in the future most people live in floating apartments...not really...well maybe). I think better than a parachute (and you didn't say it had to be a parachute, I just assume) would be a hanglider, but there is still the plaar falling and killing things. They could just do like unreal said and do an emergency coast thing. But I still think better than that is an emergency fuel that only gets tapped into when the first is empty. (or low pressure or low amperage or lacking Qierhasfles.)

unreal- the streets are pretty crowded too.

I think, if they just make the laws really strict, the tests really hard, and the plaars well made, then they can start good and end it better. As long as they don't start off with the laws too loose I think it could be very safe. Maybe make the minimum plaar license age 25 or something. Have a lower acceptable blood/alcohol level - nationwide so there is no bullshit with state laws. Have much higher safety standards, there will still be some accidents but if you make these things strong enough they won't just fall out of the sky after an accident. Of course it would be required by law to sink down to the ground and do the trading insurance thing. No weapons, no dangerous chemicals, etc. If they start off tough, no one will bitch and get laws thrown out when they tighten them later.

That stuff makes sense to me, but alot of you guys look at things differently so maybe you see something wrong there that i don't.