That is the problem with any governing system. They have to keep making rules to make job security. Eventually you get to where rules are just not needed.

Zero tolerance is also harmful in teaching kids how to deal with life. Think about the message this sends. That you can make broad assumptions about things. That single rules can cover all bases. This poor kid. 8 years old and the school treats her like a drug dealer. EVERYONE FEAR OUR CHILDREN. THEY ARE NOT THE KIDS OF YESTERDAY. THEY ARE ALL OUT TO BRING US DOWN. THEY ARE ALL DRUG PUSHING, SEX HAVING, FOUL MOUTH TERRORISTS. LETS TREAT THEM AS IF THEY WERE ALL REPEAT OFFENDERS. LETS COME DOWN ON THEM HARDER THAN OUR LEAGLE SYSTEM WOULD FOR SMALL INFRACTIONS. GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET US.
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