you forgot about me. i called you shallow. stupid bitch.
about your comments to BS
sorry to break it to you but most people do suffer. no one is perfect, we all make mistakes. no one is always right. everyone didnt die in the WTC. odds are you have either never been in either tower or have only been there once or twice. there are other ways to die then in the news. you arnt "deep". why thats in quotes is beyond me.

you dont know anyone whos died and your in a gang? that really suprises me. im not in a gang because i dont have that pethetic need to replace missing parents that gang member tend to have. i know people in gangs. i know people who have died in them. and you living in pathetic but now i get it. either your bullshiting about everything you say because it dosnt add up, or your only bullshitting about half of everything and your too stupid to make it make sence