I've been without internet for a long ass time. All hell is breaking loose over here. First my internet drops at the new location for no reason that I can tell. Then the apartment lease that we was trying to break came back to haunt us so we ended up moving back to where I came from. Then my roommate decides that we should repaint the entire damn apartment. So between moving twice, painting, and broke ass internet connections and setting things up, I've been MIA.

So yeah, the moving process is done, the painting is mostly done, the internet is back into working order. Now to finish setting up. My room happens to be the last room to get in order so my computer/irc-server is not yet setup. serialcoders.sytes.net is still pointing at the wrong comcast IP. Expect everything to be back to stability within a few days.

And Titanium Fox can kiss my ass.
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