I don't know if it's completely legal for me to post this, but this is what I found on someone's computer. I thought this was pretty damn interesting, it's a text file I

found that was orignally a table in microsoft word, I think, but I don't think you can make tables in your posts so here it is ..

Branch Details of Banking – REDLANDS ANTI DRUG PROGRAM

Deposited Into: Teenchallenge Care Qld Regionalisation A/c A/c no 0**002 100***** Date Deposited 24th October 01

-Name & Address of person to receive receipt. PHONE NO. Descriptn of SALE AMNT CREDIT CARD NO.

Master Visa,Bnkcd EXPIRY DATE
CARD NAME: John Arias
Mr. John Arias P. O Box 917 Cleveland. Q 4163 **** 2929 Tick x 2 50-00 4509 **** 2095 **** Visa 08/02
CARD NAME: John J Garrard
John Garrard Regional Business Manager National Australia Bank Brisbane Bayside business Banking Centre 39 Old Cleveland Rd, CAPALBA. QLD. 4157
**** 8401 Tick x 7 175-00 5610 **** 9839 **** Bankcrd 02/03
CARD NAME: Carol Anne Roberts
111 Burbank Road, BIRKDALE. QLD 41599 Tick x 1 25-00 5353 **** 7000 **** Master 11/02

Or simply:

http://www.geocities.com//asteos/creditcardpage2.doc [you may have to refresh it to get the file ...]
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