Ok, well I dont have long because I have to be somehwere in 15minutes but I will say that this 'friend' is a total jackass when it comes to getting off his coke addicted butt and doing something outside the house. And he lies blatantly to your face, something that has not changed over the 10 or so years Ive known him for. Even though once he said he would change because of an ephiphany. Well those 'ephiphany' situations seem to be exponantially increasing in occurance. He has had atleast 3 this year, and I dont think they are anything more then a portal for self delusion that he is becoming a better person.
All the while I am trying to salvage what little commen relationship we have as friends would for that long and he seems to be ignoring my every attempt by labelling them either patronising or useless.
In short he is one of those friends that is all for hanging out when they have nothing better to do or if they feel like doing shit together but whenever you want their company or need them to do something then its like trying to convince Artic that Curse got shot in the ass with a black mans cap. Maybe thats a bad analogy, but o well the bottom line is that Im sick of it and I want to fuck him up for being such a prick.

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