As I'm the admin of a popular Infopop message board but not a techie, I have a question about the new generation of Spammers who are making my life hell. ( I also understand that many message boards are suffering the same fate )

For the last year, we've been Spammed 5 or 6 times a day from (mostly Asia and Russia) Either Bots or humans are registering on our board simply to shill their websites. We DID have a live link in our members Profile area and the Spammers really took advantage of it.. so I removed that option. But the Spammers dont seem to care. I'm assuming that Bots are involved in many of the sign-ups because the repeat themselves in some of the personal info forms. The reason I wound-up here is because your link appears on the Infopop main page for some reason.

Does anyone know how to somehow slow down the onslaught of message board Spammers?