Boys and girls do not believe me... Please read from legit news sources. You right to a fast and fair trial is gone. This one right, was the support for many others. If you are found to be an "unlawful enemy combatant," you are now subject to prison without trial.

No appeal, no trial by jury, no nothing. You will be scooped up and put in a hole till the powers that be feel like letting you out. Think I am full of shit? This is now US law passed by both houses

"Habeas Corpus" or "bring the body" is a right under the constitution that allows you the right to say.

What am I in prison for?

The Constitution of the United States is explicit that habeas corpus may be suspended only in time of rebellion or invasion. We are not dealing with either. But Congress before they closed this session quickly passed "The Military Commissions Act of 2006". Most voted on it without even reading the damn bill. This bill gives so much power to the executive branch of our government it makes George Orwell's 1984 seem like Disney land. George Bush asked congress to quickly pass this bill. Time was of the essence he said. I bet it was George. The next Congress will not be as easily swayed.

People we are in 1939 Germany right now. Any Tyrant who has ever come to power did so swaying the people into thinking they were in great danger. Read history, study 9/11 WTC, study 7/7 London train bombings. On both of these both governments were conducting training exercises dealing with that exact senerio as it happened... Ummm maybe this is just me, but I find that ODD!!! Okay enough from me... Here are some reliable sources.

Dont want to read?

Some hummor but still information on the bill

Some other clips of intrest

Think I am crazy. Think whatever you will. Research it yourself. This nation is changing to a point where it looks nothing like it did. Can you say FEMA camp? Look up operation north woods and oliver north
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