hi, i had a question for anyone familiar with mysql. i run a dual-boot machine with windows and linux. on that machine i run a website which uses perl and mysql. i'd like to know if it's possible to share the mysql database between both the windows and linux setup depending on what i'm booted into. for example, windows: f:\MySQL Datafiles\ibdata1 i want to use that in linux. i have f: mounted to /files in linux. apache runs fine with the perl scripts and all, i just need to find a way to share the database. all the solutions i've seen so far require dumping the database from windows (the database was originally created in windows) and then using that to set up mysql under linux. the problem with this is that it wont' update the windows mysql datafiles. and so, if i wanted to switch back to windows with an up-to-date databse, i'd have to dump the linux mysql one, and bring that back over. i understand that there are more files than just ibdata1 that might be required. really, i would just like to know if it's possible to share the same database files. note: also, i'm pretty sure all the database and table names are lowercase and i don't THINK i've used any floating point numbers in the database...although, i dont' know for sure. but does anyone know if the floating-poitn number format in windows and linux differ? never had to worry about that before. and i do believe the database type is innodb.//