do you mean set up a mysql server on a separate pc? it's b/c i'm only using one computer. the setup is just one pc, dual boot, with a fat partition setup so i can access certain files from both linux and windows. the files i'm mainly concerned with are the mysql datafiles (obviously). i dont' currently have a pc to dedicate as a mysql server. maybe down the road i'll buy some cheap parts and put one together. (it'd make things easier for the lan i have with my roommate to just set up a server/router pc) i'm just wondering if, given my current setup, it's possible to just share the same database file. i obviously don't have an in depth knowledge of how mysql stores data, but it seems like it would be a pretty trivial thing for mysql to be able to store it in a format that can be shared. (aka, being able to just copy files, or even having multiple servers access the same database) but then again, how many ppl out there are trying to do this? i'm sure there are plenty of reasons why//