no, I'm saying, have the MySQL server run on one machine, and set the username to allow connections from the other machine; then you set the connection data on the one machine to connect to the server machien...

I'm trying to figure out why you want access to the mysql files in the first place; are you trying to use them to connecft with a seperate install and use that data or what? If you want both machines to use the same mysql data, then set machine A to be a server, and set machine B to use machine A's mysql server (using machineA's ip address on your network as the host, and the user account on machineA's user/password)

For example, I have 3 machines here. MySQL data is used on either Machine B or machineC (2 mysql instances because I do testing on multiple versions).
MachineA hosts final builds, so I use MachineB and MachineC to connect to it to use it as the server.
MachineB has my alpha work, just drawn out data, I do testing mainly just on that server to connect from php to its own sql server.

I also use SQLYog to connect from Laptop to Machine A and machineB to do some quick update work on them both.

It's all quite simple to do, just set the sql username to allow connections from ip's other than "localhost".
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