yeah, i know what you mean. i'm saying, i only have Machine A, lol. i'm just doing this on my home computer. I'll boot into windows. on windows, i run apache with a mysql database to hold information. then i might want to boot into linux. in linux, i want to be able to be running the exact same website (hence havign all of my website stuff on a separate partition). but i want the databases which i use when booted in windows to be able to be access when i'm booted into linux. if i had two machines, i'd be doing exactly what you suggested. but having only one machine is what makes this difficult. y'know, lol. cuz once i boot into linux, the mysql server on my windows partition can't really still be running. so, to sum up. 1 machine, 2 operating systems (and thus, two separate mysql installations, one on the linux partition, one on the windows partition), and a shared partition with a mysql datafile used by the windows mysql server. i really don't think it's possible, i was just wondering if maybe someone knew. oh, when i mentioned the LAN in my earlier post, its just my buddies laptop, not really an option to run a mysql server on 24/7. so i only have 1 machine to do this with.//