So I see after all these years that this website is still the best out there. I used to post under a different name back in something like 2002-2004. I lost my info and changed emails so many times I can't even consider what my old account info was. SO ONTO MY IDEA.....:

Well after reviewing what this site entails (a bunch of fu*king geniuses) I think everyone here can help me. I would like to make a text messaging program. Now this program will do more than just one text message. I believe that it is possible to make the program send a constant flow of messages until the user commands it to cease.

Some of you may read this and wonder, why would we build this and how could it help or do anything constructive? If we so desired, we could set it to run on any cell phone we wished. To get outright diabolical... enemies. Obviously the gain on our part would be the knowledge that their text messaging fees would skyrocket.

Others of you may ask, how can we begin? Post if you are in and I can send you how to get some good program writing software. I don't think that this isn't something that a few people with knowledge of a programing code can't do.

As I type this, I am reminded of a program that was shut down because it was cheating big business. You can look it up since it will register on Google as TracFree. The problem with that one was that it would be illegal, but this idea however, is (and you can quote me on this) completely inside the lines.