He is not the first black to run. But I think he is the first paid for black to run. In other words I think he is controllable by the powers that be.

Look politics is not US politics anymore. It isn't who will fair well with the CIA, Pentagon and such. There is a world government emerging. It isn't crazy. We are moving to a world economy. All of Europe is on one currency. What is the next logical step? Government.

Think trade agreements. The world is being united under these all the time. NAFTA for example unites North America in trade. Is a common currency far behind?

Sound odd? Ever heard of NASCO? It is only going to be the largest highway ever built. It will stretch from Mexico to Canada. Here is thier site. I would look up more than what they say there though. Bills have already been passed. Say why haven't you heard of the largest road project since Eisenhower? Huu that is odd hu?


Lets look at the partners on this


I am going to guess here, but this would further blur the line of borders. Can you say do you have change for an Amero?

So you unite several countries under fewer governments. Then unite those under one larger government.
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