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LOL... do what you gotta do to survive. The government is gonna have a lot of violations... maybe they'll give up and realized it's a waste of fuckin $.
Think guys!

A waste of money? It will make money. Lets see, jail people. That means jobs, whole new agencys to trak all this... More jobs. Building new jails... More jobs. Welcome to the new war on drugs people. Difference is this time it is a war on every kid in america. Well anyone who ever downloaded an MP3.

We should start a counter culture. PIII's and below running any version of linux/BSD that has a TCP/IP stack built in. The only way to beat this is drop out of it.

Look, You are in a perpetual upgrade now. Even with Linux. To get the new kernel with the new support for your new GRFX card you upgrade right? Or to use the latest Office you need the latest Windows, wich means you might need a faster PC.

Fuck it!!!! We are now at the 2 gig mark. So P4's to PII are plenty fast for a *nix system. I mean don't load the dumbass games, one (maybe) desktop environment..... Your system will be fine.

Wana get a copy of the spyware? Write to the feds and say you are making a linux flavor and need to add the policeware to be lawful. Maybe they will give you a copy.

But the only way to beat this is to drop out of it.
Policeware is now Law
The technology in palladem will be law. (congress is pushing as you read this)
It will be a combo of software and hardware.
Data will pass through your CPU encrypted.

Hell it will be passing to the monitor encrypted. You can't just hack this one. Unless you know how to take a CPU apart and find where this chip will be built into it take it out and put it back together. Anyone? Didn't think so.

Get a decent Machine now. Hell 486's can still run windows 98. So get a decent box. Linux or your favorite version of winblows. Mabey some spare parts while you can.

Like ram, HD, CMOS battery, and stick with what you got. Face the fact that to get the new software and hardware you lose privacy.

This technology will be embeded in

Digital cammeras
MP3 players
ect ect ect ect

Apple will be switch to intel soon to have them make their chips. Compaq makes the Alpha platform. (You can bet they will comply.)

You can not fight it. Somewhere in the evolution of this country, our economy took the front seat to our rights. I kinda support the unabomber now.

Read his manifesto here

If you do decided to follow this crazy tech ride, You will find your self with less and less rights. I will use this stuff at work. But at home I will have what will soon be called my old computers.