It's more money to build prisons, our taxes pay for the governemnt to set this shit up... If it's not a waste of money... Then it's an equal stand point, the waste and make deal. It always is. I got all sorts of old machines at my house... 486, p2 233, p2 400, p3 600, Dell Inspiron 8100 (laptop)... I'm gonna keep these... Keep them for all my old games, mp3s, burning (old burner and software there)... All run *nix 2. So the old computer idea is what I thought of at first... However we don't know for a fact that if you are caught with old technology, you will be fined etc... Also, I'd buy a new machine just to fuck around with... Curious how to take it out, what they can see... Etc... Consider this the greatest hacker generation... We truly need the skills to continue living the way we want. We can't control the people, the government, and well where we live perhaps. But I can gartunee you this... It will leak one day... It will.
"The ghost... Was never there and you'll never see me"