The same if you ask me. She is Bill Clinton's wife. When he was in his first term she was given the task of "fixing US health care" her plan flopped like a big wet titty. After that she went back to playing the presidents wife and not one of his cabinet members.

Now she wants to fix our health care system... Again.

Personally I think Bush and the Clinton's are both in line with the same plan to dissolve the US sovereignty. Many Globalization things came to light in both the Clinton and Bush terms in office.

Hillary Clinton will do one thing for sure. She will have every republican voting republican. Nothing would harden the conservative resolve like her running. Then we would have 4 more years of big business tax laws. I look at it like this. Voters need to stop thinking in Republican and democrat or Right and left. They instead need to think in terms of issues.

So many in my nation was their admittedly biased news (left or right) and use they to base their vote on. That to me is like saying, The tobacco companies said smoking is good for you so I have decided to start smoking. People need to stop voting republican and democrat all together I think. Put people in office who are not rich. Put in people like them selves. This is how democracy should work. Why should you have to be a millionaire to win an election? If you are... who will get the better tax breaks? This to me is ignorance. Vote in people in your place in life. The majority of Americans are the middle class.

Yet we support the rich and the poor. Who do we vote in? The fucking rich. What do they do? Pass laws so we support them more. Social Security is gone because we voted in people who took money out of it with the promise to pay it back. Now they make more promises. People line up to vote them in. Stupid fucking sheeple. I say vote in the odd ball. Not just in congress, but for president for state government. Cut the good ole boy network down at the knees.

Only then could we start to re establish a true democracy. Currently we are headed for a police state. Canada US and Mexico will further dissolve their borders with NASCO... Check this out

This will be policed by Canada US and Mexico. Yea no shit right. But the US and Mexico will police in Canada. Canada and Mexico will police in the US. The US and Canada will police in Mexico. How will you do when a forigen officer wants to search your car?
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