Heh, take the government back by force hu? I like it. But wait that is a threat to National Security. ha ha ha ha

Curse I like you all that much more now. What many people don't realise is this country was fonded on the FACT that is people ARE supposed to be a threat to national security. We should be able to take this bitch down in flames and start over if we want to.

I think it is about damn time to do it too. A mallitia isn't what we need though. Too small and it would get wiped out before it was even a threat. What we need is a movement. A cause that many can get behind. Then you bring weapons into the picture AFTER you have you followers who work day and night for the cause.

The reason this WILL happen guys is a combination of reasons.

1.) The government is passing laws to make it manditory. Only a select few will have outdated P.C.'s in 5 years

2.) money money money. Every time MS puts out a new OS the econmoy picks up a bit. The RIAA and movie peeps save money, and most computer users will think it is better than the old P.C's

3.) That brings us to 3. Most people will be too stupid to realise what the big deal is till it's too late. We are a minority in the world wide picture.

4.)Once the hardware is no the CPU Linux and any other program out there will be forced to adapt or lose the entire P.C. market base.

5.) Many program companys and other corperations will want this. You will no longer be able to pirate software, or blow the whistle on you company. Every thing you do will be controlled and have rights attached.

All you can do people is hang onto your old boxes and keep them running.

About the economy.... It's like this

The government dosent have to be pulling in money for the economy to be good. Money just has to be moving around a lot. Construction, jail jobs, courts, all this helps the economy. Kinda messed up, but it dose.

You know this country can't afford to stop the war on drugs? All the DEA agents out there getting paid. All the media money spent and jobs created there. The jobs police hold busting people for dime bags, jailer jobs, cooks in the jails, cops in the airports, Think about it.

In a day how much money is moved fighting drugs?

How much is moved fighting AIDS? Or hunger for that matter?

Piracy is the next BIG BAD crime politicians will use to prove they are doing their jobs with. Mean while software companies and the RIAA are lining their pockets with money doing what is called "lobying".

What a crock of shit. I call it briding.

Hey kids before alchol was made leagle after the 1920's weed was leagle. Did you know that? Many peeps smoke up instead of drinking cause it was leagle. Guess who spend millions a year fighting to keep weed outlawed? The alchol lobby. Ever seen a high person beat their wife? Or rape a chick?

Happens all the time with liquor. Our government has been bought and sold. We have been left with a country that has dieing freedoms because the people in power sold out.

Jackson said we should have a revolution ever 20 years. He was a president. There was a kind of one in the 60's Now it is 40 years later.....