go to brandsmart if u got one near ya ds lite was 109$ and psp was 199$. If you go to circuit city and tell them u found it there they do a 125% price match and you get it CHEAPER then them. So go for Circuit city and give them a number to price with brandsmart!

yeah I wanted a unit I could do more with as far as functionality. I'll eventually get all my nes games on psp :p give me time to figure it out hehe. Oh googling I stumbled on a few links that might come in handy for psp or ds.

http://www.pspscene.com (both ds and psp info here)
and another link it's a book posted on psp hacks and mods and no it's not warez. http://hackingpsp.com/ChapterResources.aspx#

I found more but I'm sure EVERYONE knows how to google hehe...if not it would be sad to write a homebrew tutorial just to [bootn0obbrain] [/bootn0obbrain] 8-)