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How could the elite mentioned hope to get away with this. Were not the American people made first scared about their beautiful country being in-fluxed by a plethora of 'drug dealing Mexicans'?
If your immigration laws are as tight as I believe then it should take a lot longer to relax them then 2010.

No offense but both sides of this issue are led by American persons who have the imagination and delusions of 10 year olds.

Ahh you are so cute... See we do have very strict immigration laws. It;'s just that since Bush took office we stopped enforcing them. No I am not fucking with you.

Right now we have 2 border patrol agents in jail for shooting a illegal alien drug smuggler. They are in jail for 20 years. He got immunity and is now suing for something like a million dollars. Don't believe me? Here is a CNN video. The feds are selling us out.

Your prime minister wants this up there too.
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