I do not ask you to believe me. I beg you to research it. For the love of god look into this and if you find I am right join the fight. 9/11 was a fucking fraud to bring this about!!!!

North American Union. Amero, Nasco, Comunisum brought to you by the US federal government. Land siezed. All by 2010. No it is not a theory. Argue with me after you read up on legislation passed in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia in the last 10 years. The plan is revealed people.

The cloak to distract you will be terrorism, child abduction, support our troops. Congress is in on, The supreme court is in on it, the pentagon is in on it.

Call me crazy, but research it. If I am right tell everyone there is not much time.


God damn people this is in main stream media and many still doubt it.

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