Well the NAU is said to be in full swing by 2010. That tells me the next president is already chosen and will be with the "agenda". If you think about it any well thought out plan would need both a left hand and a right hand at times. So a left leaning executive branch would help at times, at others you would need a right wing leaning branch.

These days neither Democrat or Republican are pure. They kind of blend their beliefs.

As far as I can tell, the root to all this is the Federal reserve and the British version. Each "Modern" nation has a similar "National" bank that prints the nations money and charges the nation interest to do it. They loan the government money not backed by anything and charge interest on money that never existed. lol Sound retarded? Look into it.

The funny thing is this nation once got rid of its National Bank and there for national debt. President Jacksons' Tomb stone says I killed the bank. He saw what they were doing.

Incidentally, the English version of the bank is WHY the British were taxing the Americas so hard. It is why we went to war. It is because of this the founding fathers granted congress the right to print its own money. The times congress has printed money our economy has flourished.

The Federal Reserve is owned by private intrests and is not a federal body you see. Yes that is fact as ruled by US courts numerous times. The Rothchilds are said to have a masive share in Ours, Englands, Frances, Spain, Russia and many other national banks.

Then look at it. War is profitable. Nations must borrow money to go to war. The federal Reserve has a vested interest in our debt. The single institution that controls the US economy wants us in debt. They collect more interest. Once you look into this and see, holly shit the wacko is right(wacko being good ole Learner) Then you can see how all the international bankers have been operating like one nation. They lend money to both sides in a war. Both must pay interest.

The Rothschild are said to posses half of the worlds wealth. The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) is a David Rockefeller think tank group that had a massive role in forming the UN. Hey the UN is good right... Hmmm look into china and their UN sponsored mandatory abortion program. One child per couple or one child is killed.

The UN is calling for a 33% reduction is population world wide. Yep it needs to happen, but how will it happen? The vaccines in Africa creating cancer are also a UN project. Oh the CFR has also played a massive role in US politics since WWII. Bush has 14 CFR members in his cabinet. The cabinet is only 17 people(immediate cabinet). 14 out of 17, that is power. Clinton had 11 CFR members. Chaney was once director of the CFR. Alan Greenspan is a long standing CFR member.

So to free the US, my conclusion is one must, replace the federal Reserve and the banking system in all other nations. They will in the battle drag us into a depression like they have anytime they are challenged. They did during Jacksons time too.

Replace all national banks and currency and you take the power and control from the international bankers. The biggest being the Rothschild's who for centuries married their first cousins like Royalty to keep all money and power in their family.

People I couldn't make this up if I tried.
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