"And with NVIDIA SLI technology, you can potentially double your graphics horsepower with 2 identical NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards!" I like the sound of that. It has one IDE channel, what are IDE channels used for?

AMD vs Intel, do we have a disscussion about this topic here somewhere? I get the feeling the conclusion would be on the lines of "But AMD is cheaper"?. I like the sound of dual core, yet its 2.2ghz and I have seen processors at 2.6ghz.

lol meh why not.. I was thinking 900gb at one stage. A comment on newegg mentioned heating. I think I might need extra fans. Meanwhile I need to read some more.

Gizmo have you ordered from newegg before?

I will be using this comp for a bit of everything, but my current desktop is in its 5th year and Im thinking I get the best I can so it lasts 5 years too.