Your UGN@GMail account gives you access to UGN@GoogleCalendars, UGN Security@GoogleWebPages, and UGN Security@GoogleTalk (Jabber)

Those of you with a UGN Security@GMail account can login to Jabber through your email account using the Jabber (GoogleTalk) protocol for chat.

The settings for this are below (for [email protected]):
Screen Name: your login name (your email address before the (or if your account is configured there)
Domain: (or (see SN notation above)
Resource: home
Password: yourpasswordhere
Server: ( and have been cnamed to this address)
Port: 5222
Please note that googletalk is on both our .net and .com domains, however only staff have the ability to utilize Jabber on the .com domain. If you're interested in having a UGN Security@GMail account, please feel free to PM me here or get a hold of me on Jabber (gizmo[at]undergroundnews[dot]net) or a different IM.

If you would like to visit the "How do I enable jabber through pidgin" article on gmail, click here
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