once again not steping on toes (*prayers to above*) i work at a convieniance store that sells tracfones and i have figured out to a point the process that is used for activation....

i would like the ok from the admins here b4 i post nE details but the basics with minamal Nfo are as follow:

1: idiot casheir # 14 scans tracfone minute card on register
2: activation data is sent to tracfone server (url unnamed ;#) via telnet or some sorta ssh probably
3: buyer calls company and follows automated voice promts to enter pin
4: server beams info to fone saying "alright already give 'em his freakin minutes!"
5: buyer wears stupid grin cause he thinks he gets good deal!

ok so for a viable hack u need several things:

1: url and connection type (telnet/ssh or other)
2: algorythm for generating new keys( just compare several cards with a matmaticly oriented buddy of yours!)
3: a nice pretty gui to slap on the package!
*grinns to high heaven*

demonica signing out for now(/yells "whaddya mean WE RAN OUTA COFFEE! Must have caffine!!!!!!")