Well, as many of you have noticed, we haven't had our 3rd (in-house) irc server in quite a while... You'll also notice that my dev machine no longer accepts requests to it... Well, we have a very good reason for this! Have you ever SMELLED burnt silicon at 5am?

Lets just say that we had some major power issues and, from what I could tell, there where some serious issues with the machine as it would power on, but not post data... and it smelled like a $3 prostitute got electrocuted...

Unfortunately, IceMyst recently got demoted, and I haven't had a steady support gig in a while, so we really don't have the funding available to purchase parts for new hardware to bring the machine back (at lesat with equivalent hardware). The initial machine was used for IRC3, my dev server, and my DVR (BeyondTV), but it has been in quite a few pieces for some time.

So, at this time, we're running the UGN Security 2007 (-2008) New PC Athon! Not sure how far we'll go but 'eh it's worth a shot :x...

If you'd like to donate, simply click "contribute" on the flash applet below, and donate what you can. All donations received will go towards new hardware for the machine, and if you're interested in spec's, clicky.

Current Standings

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