I could use some assistance in an area I'm overwhelmed in. I picked up a book called, "Steal This Computer Book 4.0" (which is how I found out about this website), have been studying it and other works, including a posting by an unkown member under the title of Newbie Assignment: Learn (from 2003) and an ebook called Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box.

However, with the huge wealth of information this has all brought me, and the other roads it has led me down, I have become slightly overwhelmed. There are SO many programming languages I could learn and only so many hours of no sleep before I kill myself. Could someone please highlight for me a small selection of very effective programming languages I could study and in what order? And maybe reference for me a good guide for this language, if you know one.

I am not limited to one machine as I have access to a very capable Mac, Windows XP and Linux Fedora. I also have access to any other operating system I may need to learn, these are just the ones I know. Any advice?


**Zer0 Deception**